Your Baby Doesn't Like Strangers Quite Yet

Your Baby Doesn't Like Strangers Quite Yet
Emotional Development

Your baby at this point is likely to reach back towards you immediately if strangers hold them. He trusts you more than anyone in the world and hence, displays agitation when approached by unfamiliar faces. It's pretty simple to find out. Does he cry when he is around too many unfamiliar people? Welcome to stranger anxiety!

What you need to know

Stranger anxiety can begin at around seven to ten months of age and may last for a few months. One day your baby might smile at strangers and the very next day you might observe the opposite behaviour; as though a change happened overnight.

It is common for babies to stick to you as they fear moving away from your protection. This is a good sign that your baby is developing important emotional skills. It means that now your baby knows the difference between you and a stranger and he prefers you.

What you need to do

Tell friends and family unfamiliar to your baby to give him some time. A stranger reaching out to pick him up immediately will make your baby nervous or frighten him.

Put your baby down with his toys and allow him to play with them. Recommend strangers to crouch down to your child’s level and play with him. This is will make your baby more comfortable and relaxed.

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