Your Baby Has Already Started Looking Like You or Your Better Half

At 7 weeks your baby will look gorgeous! The wrinkles are out, the skin's roughness has reduced considerably and your baby now looks more beautiful than ever.

What you need to know

Your Baby Has Already Started Looking Like You or Your Better Half

Your baby is free from that curled look and he has his facial features distinct and right in place. Your baby is also much more agile and easy to carry. When carried straight he should be able to hold his head for few seconds. He will also be able to stare at an object for a longer time and begin to identify things around him.

He will also lift his chest and head when on tummy like sudden push-ups. In simple words, your baby is looking much like you or your spouse and it is just immensely fascinating.

Now you can happily keep on guessing whom your baby looks like! Every step from now onwards will be a new beginning for you and for your baby. So, enjoy these moments, and rejoice your parenthood.

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