Your Baby's Needs Are Changing- Have You Given Him The Right Toys?

Your baby's need for wanting new toys will increase day after day as he is growing and changing everyday and with these changes, his need for types of toys too are changing. 

Your baby's needs list: What you need to know

Your baby's needs after birth should ideally be toys of light weight and hand held. Ensure that they have no rough edges or sharp corners. Infants at this stage prefer sounds and vibrant colours over content based toys. Music boxes, rattles, baby pianos, toy cell phones, and wind chimes. Babies aged three months and above thoroughly enjoy activity mats or play gyms. They love grabbing on to, kicking, and chasing the toys hanging above. Musical toys are an excellent idea for this stage. Your baby needs checklist should be well thought of by you, as these should be harmless to your kid. 

Your Baby's Needs Are Changing- Have You Given Him The Right Toys?

You may also entertain your little one with various soft toys and stuffed animals as they are gentle and non hazardous and will stick with your little one until they start moving around.




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