Your Baby Has Slowly Started Recognising Voices

Your child has developed a sharp mind at this age. He is slowly heading towards six-months and has even learnt how to recognize voices. Babies are very fond of sounds and music. You can make the little one learn about animal voices in a better way. This will prove to be entertaining as well as a learning experience for the little one.Your Baby Has Slowly Started Recognising Voices

What you can do

The best way to teach the baby about animal voices is to play him with images. Let the child observe the various animals in the pictures. Now you can hand him a particular image and play the voice of that animal in the background. This is a good way to make the infant learn. You can practice his task on a regular basis until the baby registers that sound in his mind. You can mimic the voice of a particular animal in front of the kid. This would surely motivate him to copy that voice. This is a good practice to enhance the baby’s speech and cognitive skills.

Your baby’s mind is quite ready to practice such a task. Make sure he is properly fed before you try this activity. Hungry infants might grow impatient and break out of learning tasks.




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