Your Baby Has Soft Spots On Head- What Do You Think It Is?

Your Baby Has Soft Spots On Head- What Do You Think It Is?
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Your tiny bundle of joy is wrapped up and is sleeping warm and cozy in your arms. However, you may get concerned seeing your baby has a soft spot on top of his head.

A newborn’s head is soft to touch and contains several soft spots called the fontanels. These are merely the evidence of the circulatory system working in your little one’s body. It is proof that blood is being pumped from head to toe without any problems.

Your baby has soft spot on head: What you need to know

There is nothing to be afraid of as it is absolutely normal to see your baby‘s pulse on his soft spots. Your baby at birth doesn’t have a hard head or rather their skull bones are not fused together. This helps them to slip out of the birth canal easily. New parents are worried that they are touching the brain and harming it.

What you get to touch is a thick, protective layer of your baby’s head. Your baby's soft spots on forehead takes around three months to close and till then seeing veins and arteries throbbing is normal for your baby.

Your baby's soft spots on head are still delicate and a doctor's advise is necessary to ensure that your baby is ready for a head bath. If so, go ahead and massage your baby’s head gently with oil and wash it off with shampoo.