Your Baby Has the Inkling of His Name Now

Your Baby Has the Inkling of His Name Now
5m to 8m

Your baby will be soon 6 months old, and by this time he should be able to recognize his name. If not, with little effort he will be able to do it in some time. Learning to recognize his own name is a landmark in itself and is considered while evaluating your baby's development, on the whole. This is how you can make your baby recognize his name in a subtle way.

What you need to know

It is important by the time your little one is six months, he starts recognizing his name. If he is still not doing there are subtle ways in which he can start recognizing his name easily. Call him out by his name more often. Stick to one name as much as possible. Too many names can confuse your child eventually.

Ask people around him to do the same. Understand that repeating things is one of the best ways of teaching your baby. If after repeated calling out and persistence effort your baby doesn't recognize his name or responds, please ensure that you see a doctor at the earliest. Not responding to your calls can be considered as an early sign of developmental issue.