Your Baby Has The Tendency to Put Objects His Mouth and Chew Them

Your Baby Has The Tendency to Put Objects His Mouth and Chew Them
7m to 10m

Your baby at this stage will put anything and everything in mouth and try to chew it. Well, it may or may not indicate teething. This is a normal reflex that babies carry right from the time they are born. Teething or not teething, your baby will put everything in mouth. However, here are few symptoms that may indicate teething.

What you need to watch out for

1. Your baby will show visible symptoms of discomfort when she is teething. It could be possible that your little one is cranky than before and refrains from talking feed like before.

2. Drooling is yet again a prominent symptom of teething. Keep wiping the drool with soft clothes.

3. Putting everything in mouth and trying to chew also indicates your baby is teething. You baby does that to sooth her gums. This also relieves her from the niggling sensation that she might feel during her teething days.

4. Your baby may also develop slight fever and cold during teething. Check with the doctor if the symptoms are more severe and any medical attention is needed. Otherwise, teething is a natural process that happens in due course of time.

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