Your Baby Is Able To Repeat Simple Exclamations

Your Baby Is Able To Repeat Simple Exclamations
7m to 10m
At this stage of your baby’s growth, she is able to repeat simple exclamation like ‘uh oh’ among others. This is especially amusing for you as a parent since you may have been yearning to hear your little one speak more than just babbles.
What you need to know
Your baby is learning language by observing the things you say around her and grasping it one by one. Between 7 to 12 months, she is in a crucial stage of picking up language skills. Although it is just the beginning, be careful choosing your words around her. You can help your child develop good language skills early. You can use sign language along with the little words of exclamation to show your baby what they mean. For example, if your baby accidently drops her bottle while cruising along the furniture, you can gently say ‘uh oh’. Consistent use of this word along with your facial expressions will assure her that you are not upset and that it is just a silly mistake. She will imitate you and make these sounds herself. Although there will be times when she will make these sounds purely for no reason at all, but you gotta enjoy it anyway!
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