Your Baby is All About Less Jerks And More Coordination Now!

In the last few days, you must have worried a lot about your baby's jerky and messy movements. Well, that is going to be a thing of the past very soon. Your baby is nearly three weeks now and you will notice that the little one is slowly started taking control over her own body. Your Baby is All About Less Jerks And More Coordination Now!

What you need to know

His movements are improving and they are much less jerky than previous weeks.This is because the muscles are strengthening day by day and the nerves are also coordinating well to give the little one concrete movements. This is a great sign of positive development.

However, in some cases the baby might take more time and you should not worry until you don't see any changes in the jerky movements even after a month or so. But for now, have fun and enjoy a more cozy and comfortable to carry bundle of joy.

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