Your Baby is an Independent Explorer as He Crawls Now

Your baby at this stage, the seventh month, marks the beginning of new found energy and mobility and is the first step towards his independent exploration.

You must have noticed that your little munchkin is beginning to roll over and crawl. Your little one could be crawling traditionally, by distributing his weight on his arms and knees, or by crawling on his tummy. He is doing well as long as he is gaining some amount of mobility independently.

Your Baby is an Independent Explorer as He Crawls Now

What you need to know

Sitting up always precedes crawling and walking. If you fail to notice any signs of crawling, don’t fret, some babies skip this milestone altogether and begin walking straight away.

It cannot be stressed enough that tummy time is extremely crucial for the development and growth of his muscles. This development will aid in the attainment of later, more important milestones.  

Tummy time is most effective when your little one is active and alert and not after a meal or before nap time.

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