Your Baby is Fascinated by the Push & Pop Phenomenon

Your Baby is Fascinated by the Push & Pop Phenomenon
Eye-Hand movement

Your little one is a big ball of curiosity and has learnt that objects may appear and disappear. Your baby at this age is completely fascinated by this phenomenon.

Recall your favourite toys? Besides the cuddly teddy bears and cars, there must have been other toys that engaged you for hours. Chances are that this was a pop up toy, which gave your parents a much needed break after the constant vigil, and will give you one too.  

What you can do

Get toys with buttons that pop something up or play music. Pop up toys will adequately feed his curiosity and teach him about cause-and-effect cycles.

Pressing buttons for pop-ups and pushing objects for pop-ins require physical exertion that strengthen his muscles and stimulate coordination in the long run. Being Peter, the repeater that your little one is, these toys will satisfy his demands for repetition.

Introduce the toy to him by first demonstrating its use and follow up by prompting him to do the same, a room full of laughter and a face full of joy is sure to follow.

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