Your Baby's Hygiene Is In Dire Need Of Attention

Your Baby's Hygiene Is In Dire Need Of Attention
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Your little one is a fragile being at this moment and hence your baby's hygiene is one of the most important needs, you as a parent must tend to. He is still a newborn, and with a weak and developing immune system, newborns are susceptible to a whole lot of illnesses if proper hygiene is not maintained. If you use feeding bottles or breast pumps, it is important to know that fungus and bacteria can reside in poorly maintained equipment and can expose your baby to germs, putting him at risk for infections.

Your baby's hygiene checklist: What you need to know

Before sterilising the bottles, it is important that bottles are washed in clean, soapy water. The parts of the bottle which include the caps, nipples, and rings should be separated and cleaned thoroughly to make sure there are no traces of milk. Your baby's hygiene products should be well thought of before you purchase them, ensure your baby is not alergic to any ingredient used to make the product.

Once you wash the bottles, bowls, and spoons thoroughly, they can be sterilized by using the hot water boiling method or in an electric steamer specific for sterilizing. 

What you need to do

Your baby's hygiene tips should be strictly followed by you. Before sterilization, always ensure that your bottles are heat resistant and safe to be immersed in boiling water. Make sure the bottles are fully covered in boiling hot water and cover them with a lid for 10 minutes.

In addition to using boiling water, cold water sterilizing methods are also followed wherein a sterilizing solution or tablet is dissolved in cold water. This kills the bacteria and cleans your bottles. Follow methods that are suitable for you and ensure utmost care and safety while using electronic equipment.