Your Baby's Grasping Reflex Is Getting Better

Your Baby's Grasping Reflex Is Getting Better
1m to 4m
Eye-Hand movement
Muscle Strength

At this stage, your baby's grasp reflex is getting steady. Grasp reflex is one of the most important signs of a healthy baby. Right from the birth till about 8 weeks, this reflex grows. By the end of the 4th week, the grasp becomes even strong.

Your baby's grasps: What you need to know

You must have noticed many times that if you put your finger in her palm, she will grasp it slowly but tightly. Well, this is an involuntary gesture. But, your baby grasping your finger is an emotional moment and as well as a sign of your baby's development. 

Keep a watch on this and slowly you will see that this grasp is turning into a voluntary gesture. Along with your finger she will try to grasp many other things around her, even though she might not be able to. 

Hang in there and just watch your baby grow step by step. Clutching your finger in that tiny palm is picture perfect. Grab the moment and grasp it in your hear forever! Soon you will notice your baby grasping hands together. 

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