Your Baby is Likely to be More Stubborn When it Comes to Food

Around ten months after birth, your little one will easily grab on to everything in sight, even the food on your plate! This may happen frequently and it would be great if you are on a constant vigil, since your little one is still not prepared for all the food you eat, and it may be unsafe for them. We know that you’re excited about introducing your little one to a variety of foods and it is a great idea, but beware of what goes into his little mouth.Your Baby is Likely to be More Stubborn When it Comes to Food

What you need to do

Ensure that your little one only has cooked and shredded bite sized food. Keep him away from eatables like popcorn, nuts, chewing gum and chocolates. These items are usually rough, sticky, had, or tiny in nature and are potential choking hazards.

Some foods, although not choking hazards, might cause food lodging, throat irritation, infections and allergies. If you or your spouse have any known allergies, keep your little one away from it too




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