Your Baby Is Thirsty Often

Your baby is growing rapidly and with that certain needs are also paving their way in her. At this stage, you will observe your baby is really thirsty. Keep some water in a sipper handy. For a younger toddler, watch out for parched, chapped lips for signs of thirst. This is a very normal aspect of their growth process.

Your baby is thirsty all the time: What you need to know

At 11 months, juices are a great supplement to his nutritional needs. Juice seems to be acceptable to most toddlers and parents allow it easily as they are healthy. For a weaning baby, juices add on to his nutritional needs and offer a variety of tastes and flavours. Know that your baby’s ability to take in milk and water will decrease as juices can be pretty filling. Notice some cues and signs that shows your baby is thirsty. If anxious, reconsider them and offer mashed bananas or pureed foods instead. Give him small amounts to begin with and make sure that they are freshly squeezed. Juices out of cartons may sound convenient, but natural ones are always better than any other options. If your baby is always thirsty, juices are a good means of quenching his thirst. 

Your Baby Is Thirsty Often




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