Your Baby Chews On Things He Finds

Your Baby Chews On Things He Finds
9m to 1y
Eating Habit
At this stage, it is important that your baby learns to chew, and so he should also get a broader diet. Your baby chews on every object that comes his way! However, when you are choosing foods to encourage your baby to chew, start with those that are easier for him to manage-such as batons of well-cooked carrot. 
Your baby chews on sippy cup: What you need to know
He starts to explore objects with his mouth, using his lips, tongues and gums to investigate shape and texture. He has reached this stage of development tend to be ready for more solid foods. Now, you can encourage him to develop this skill by letting him mouth baby-safe objects like teething rings, plastic toys or the handle of a wooden spoon. Let your baby chew on his pacifier. 
Some babies have an oversensitive gag-reflex, particularly those who suffer from reflux and take longer to learn to chew and swallow foods. As he becomes more adept at chewing, you will notice your baby chewing on clothes. Now, you can move on to trickier foods like raw fruit and vegetables, meat and crackers. Most babies outgrow their sensitive gag-reflex, but if your baby reaches 12 months and still unable to chew lumps and finger foods, speak to your doctor. 
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