Your Baby Is Likely To Crawl From A Sitting Position Now

Your Baby Is Likely To Crawl From A Sitting Position Now
5m to 8m

Your baby has now reached a stage where he has accomplished the art of controlling his head and neck muscles. Your baby can now sit on his own and can move right and left with the help of hands and can drag himself by crawling.

What you need to know

This is when you need to be alert all the time. Till your little one is sleeping, it is ok but the moment he is awake, he will be on a roll. With the help of his hands he will sit in which ever position he was sleeping or wherever he was sleeping.

Make sure not to make him sleep near the edges or places with sharp corners. This may harm him. Make sure when your baby is awake, you or some care taker is always there for him as he is excited to be on his own for the first time post his birth, else he was being supported by you. Since you were the one who made him sit and eat, now is the time for his exploration and creating lovely mess.

The freedom your child experiences is also amazing as he tries to grab your attention or is always into some mischievous activities, like picking up things and after sometime throwing them in any direction he feels like. Now your baby needs toys and in return he is your lively and loveliest toy that you wish to play with and cuddle. Play with him and cherish these life long memories.

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