Your Baby is Likely to Develop Uncompromising Preference For You

Your Baby is Likely to Develop Uncompromising Preference For You
9m to 1y
Cognitive Development

Your baby has a stronger attachment with you with every passing day that he is growing. He has bonded with you intensely.

Have you lately felt that your baby is just hooked onto you, and is not preferring anyone else in the family? Well, rejoice over it as it is a definite sign that your baby is developing well emotionally. These little bouts of outward expression of emotions is a indication that your 9 month old baby is thinking, emoting and behaving cohesively.

What you need to know

It is natural, like all other human beings, small babies also have their preferences, and your baby is no different. Be happy about the fact that his cognitive and emotional development is happening at a steady speed. While at times such emotional and behavioral bouts tend to pose a lot of difficulty for you, but understand that this is temporary and will wean off in a few days.

Your baby is the most closest to you, and he is increasingly realizing it. Such sudden preference spur up because of his sense of development of fear, insecurity, and dependence. Your baby can't speak, so the best thing he can do is to cling onto you. However, if this continues with extreme behavioral symptoms such as crying, howling, disturbed sleep or refusing to take feed, please seek medical help and try to understand the underlying reason for the same.

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