Your Baby Is Likely To Look At Something You Point At Across The Room

Your Baby Is Likely To Look At Something You Point At Across The Room

In the first few months, your baby’s vision starts improving. From being able to see only those objects which are very close to her, she would soon be able to look at objects which are at a fair distance away from her. By around the 8th or 9th month, your child would have already become able to see and recognize objects and faces which are across the room.
What you need to know
The first few months it is essential for you to go real close to your baby for her to be able to actually see your face. Even then her vision isn’t very accurate. But this changes a great deal in the coming months. She would soon be able to clearly see objects far from her. The depth of her vision and the clarity with which she can see faces and things improves by the 8 th month. When she is between 9 to 12 months, if you point at something which is across the room, she would be able to view and clearly recognize it. So this is the age when you might catch her smile at you the moment she sees you enter the room. But remember that her vision has to improve a lot and she would still find closer objects easier to perceive than the ones that are far away.
So to improve her perception, move to the other corner of the room where she can still see you and encourage her to come to you. As a bonus point, you would also encourage her to crawl when you do this.

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