Your Baby Moves His Head From Side To Side

Your Baby Moves His Head From Side To Side
Muscle Coordination
Muscle Strength

This is the first year of your baby’s life and you will see new developments every month, your baby moves his head back and forth. Holding the head and turning it side to side is an indication that your baby now has control over his motor skills and his neck muscles are getting stronger.

Your baby moves head a lot: What you need to know

As your child is now gaining control over his neck, you will see a lot of head shaking and head turning all the time. Your baby will move his head from side to side before latching onto you. This is because your baby is practicing the skill and enjoying the attention that he is getting from you due to his new skill. Your baby moves his head while sleeping as well. With the development of the gross and fine motor muscles, he is learning to get control over the different body parts.

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