Your Baby Opens And Closes Her Palms

Your little darling is now getting more control over his body parts. Your baby opens and closes hands a lot, this is a result of improved muscle development and coordination. Hence, there would be a lot of experimentation going on all the time. Opening and closing of fists is one activity that really fascinates kids. They enjoy the fact that they have control over their palms. 

Your baby opens and closes hands: What you need to know 

Your child is realizing that the hands belong to him and is therefore trying to do all kinds of stuff with it. Your baby opens and closes hand when excited to express himself better. As there is nothing much he can do right now, opening and closing of fists will entertain him a lot. Whenever your baby opens and closes hands show a positive reaction. This will encourage him to practice moving his hands and fingers so that in the later months the task of grabbing and holding things, will get better. 

Your Baby Opens And Closes Her Palms




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