Your Baby's Stranger Anxiety Is Now Visible

Your Baby's Stranger Anxiety Is Now Visible
5m to 1y
Non-verbal cues

At this growing age, your baby develops stranger anxiety as he grows in terms of expressing his emotions. Apart from this, he would also learn to differentiate between known and unknown faces. If your little baby behaves anxiously in the presence of a stranger, do not get angry. It is part of his emotional development that should be understood by you and other family members as well. 

Your baby's stanger anxiety at 6: What you need to know 

Stranger anxiety in babies start at 6 months of age and can carry on till 12 or more months. As a parent, you need to help your adorable prince get rid of stranger anxiety. Whenever an unknown face greets your baby, he would look at you for cues. Maintain a smile and welcome the other person so that your baby too feels relaxed after some time. Your baby's stranger danger will vanish as time passes by. 

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