Your Baby is Nearing the Phase of Having Solid Foods

Your Baby is Nearing the Phase of Having Solid Foods
Sensory ability

Your baby is soon going to enter the six months age, and be eligible to get the taste of appropriate solid foods. Wow! He's growing so fast, isn't it? Solid foods are generally recommended for your baby once he completes 6 months of age. Till then your baby should be exclusively breastfed as it is the wonder food that helps them to grow and fight against diseases.

What you need to know 
Most mothers are excited about starting solids for their baby and wonder what to give first. Ideally doctors recommend introducing one cereal followed by increasing the feed gradually with other cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Rice is usually the first cereal, which is preferred by most mothers for their little ones. Homemade or readymade rice porridge preparations are available. Always boil your little one’s solids well and never give them unboiled water to drink. Gradually increase your little one’s feed with mashed vegetables and fruits. Your baby’s reaction initially might not be very good and they might spit up too. But be patient and over a few days they will adapt to the taste.

It is best to avoid salt, honey, and sugar in the first one year of life. Never leave your baby’s food in the open and consume it within half an hour after cooking.

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