Your Baby is Now Fascinated By Her Own Reflection

Your Baby is Now Fascinated By Her Own Reflection
Non-verbal cues

Sure, your little one can’t take a selfie yet, but she sure does like watching herself in the mirror. This fascination with the self is deep rooted and starts quite early and your baby is no different. Be happy, because it is a wonderful step in her development.

This strange fascination begins around seven to nine months of age but it is only around her first birthday that she recognizes herself in the mirror.

What you need to know

Her fascination with mirrors is an interesting and an important developmental milestone. Give her a mirror to play with and watch as she is enraptured by herself.

Don’t be surprised if your baby tries to reach into the mirror to touch her reflection. As time goes by, your dressing table will soon become her favourite play mat and you’ll find her preening, touching, and cooing with pleasure.

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