Your Baby Is Holding Head Up During Tummy Time

Your Baby Is Holding Head Up During Tummy Time
1m to 4m
Muscle Strength

You must have noticed a definite improvement in your kid’s head control in the past 1 month itself. Now, your baby holds her head up when she is on her stomach. Soon, she will also move it from side to side to look at her surroundings. She is able to hold her head erect for quite a while now and you can expect better neck and head muscle coordination from her by the time she reaches 6 months old stage.

Your baby holds head up: What you need to know 

Her neck muscles have been developing and this is makes it possible for your baby to hold her head steady when on her tummy. You can encourage her more and help in this development by propping her up with pillows and then showing her colorful toys. Keep giving her tummy time, regularly to hone her muscle control better. Soon your baby will be holding head up at tummy time.