Your Baby Holds His Head At A 45 Degree Angle

Your Baby Holds His Head At A 45 Degree Angle
1m to 4m
Gross Motor
Muscle Strength

Your baby now holds his head at 45 degree angle as he has started to have control over some of his body parts. His muscles are gaining strength and over time his fine and gross motor skills will develop. As of now his neck is something that is getting stronger and he can now lift his head to an angle of about 45 degrees on his own.

Youe baby holds head sideway: What you need to know

Whenever your baby is lying on the stomach, you will notice that your baby holds his head up. He will not just passively keep lying but will lift his head and hold it there to look around. At this age, your baby holds his head on to one side as he is now gaining good control on his neck and head. Show him some colorful toys and he will keep making the effort to hold his head up.

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