Your Baby is Quite a Smooth Operator Now

Your Baby is Quite a Smooth Operator Now

You might have noticed that your little one sleeps a lot less these days. He might either be a night owl or a morning lark; the latter is usually rare as most babies prefer to party all night with their mom! Rest aside, your baby could be sleeping anywhere between 10 to 14 hours each day, which means he needs a lot more care and attention now.

What you need to know

With well developed motor skills that encourages him to wriggle around or pull at objects within reach, your baby should never be left unattended. This week’s development is usually marked by smooth coordination of activities.

This is the time when your little one rolls over and also tries to sit. Your infant can play with a number of toys with ease showing off his developed motor skills.

What you can do

This is the perfect time to engage in playful activities with him, he absorbs a wealth of information like a sponge and is ever hungry for more exploration. He is now morphing into your own little scientist by testing out his toys in different ways. You may notice that he is picking up and dropping toys, these actions aren’t aimless, he is actually attempting to test out the distance, speed, and safety.  Smart, isn’t he?

All these further stimulate his cognitive development. It is a great idea to provide him a multitude of environments and toys to explore.

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