Your Baby is Quite Sensitive to Different Temperatures But Loves The Surrounding

Your newborn is still sensitive in adapting to varying temperature settings. So be careful while setting A/C or heater temperatures in her room.

A parent child bond is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling relationships in the world. Make sure that you bond with your new born not just within the four walls of your home, but take time to introduce your little one to her new world. Begin with a small excursion to the balcony and slowly build up to more complex environments. This way, your little one will begin to learn that you have her back when she wants to go out and explore.

Your Baby is Quite Sensitive to Different Temperatures But Loves The Surrounding

Don’t forget to swaddle, as it recreates the feeling of the womb and can be a great tool in calming and comforting your little one. 

What you need to know

Feeding is a wonderful time to bond with your little one. Keep talking to her in a soft voice, move your head slowly side to side while feeding, and play music at a low volume. These will also help develop some essential cognitive and motor skills.

Pick up and hold your baby if she cries. It is a misconception that you can spoil your baby by picking her up too often at this age. Babies love to be held and thrive on it, so don’t hold back on the cuddles!




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