Your Baby is Ready to Bid Adieu to Feeding Bottles!

Your Baby is Ready to Bid Adieu to Feeding Bottles!

Wow! Your baby is crossing milestones after milestones already! When you first brought her home, she must have clung on to you with her dear life! Look at her now, she is running around playing and knocking down everything that she can reach! Most experts recommend that you wean your baby off milk or formula bottles as she nears her one year mark. Imagine your baby all grown up and still feeding from a bottle! The sooner you wean her off, the better.

What you need to know

Weaning is a step by step process, begin by decreasing the amount of milk you give her in the bottle and increasing the quantity in a cup. After a few weeks of practice, give your baby just water in the feeding bottle, and serve her all of her meals in a cup. Make sure the cups you give her are colourful; buy the ones that have her favourite cartoon character!

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