Your Baby Is Ready To Kick & Play Now!

Your Baby Is Ready To Kick & Play Now!
Gross motor
Muscle Strength

Your baby has now started sleeping less and is becoming more playful. This is the time you will observe an increase in physical movement.

Play mats and baby gyms - Play mats, baby gyms, or activity quilts are ideal new friends for your baby now. These usually have vivid visual imagery and dangling toys coupled with music.

This makes them an ideal choice for your little one as your baby will love reaching for the toys, grasping, feeling them, and listening to the music.

Encouraging motor skills - Lying on a mat will also encourage your baby kick their arms and legs. Your baby will turn their head towards the direction of any sound that they hear, and will even try to roll about or turn on their sides.

Thus these activity mats are great for developing their gross motor skills and kindling their senses. It is fun to see your little one kicking and rolling about; however, ensure that they lie in a safe environment as they indulge in play.