Your Baby is Ready to Use Both His Hands Now

Your growing baby is slowly developing different body movements and actions. You as a parent need to help your infant practice important physical movements that are useful. Always remember that your baby would learn through observations. Help the baby use both his hands to hold objects. Your Baby is Ready to Use Both His Hands Now

What you need to know

At this stage, your baby is very active which is due to the advance muscular growth. You would observe that your infant now rolls back and forth without any assistance. He is able to hold his toys and rattle them without any hassle. Now the task at hand is to make the little one use both his hands to pass the object. Most babies develop this action on their own while some don’t. You as a mother can sit with the baby and show him how to move the object from one hand to the other. The infant would surely want to try this action.

Offer your child a mini pillow, which is light-weight. Now ask the baby to pass the pillow. Observe the baby if he uses both his hands to hold the object or not. This is a good way to help the little one use both his hands.

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