Your Baby Is Standing Up On Her Own! Time To Get Those Cameras Rolling

One fine day your baby will hold on to your trouser or the table top and just pull herself up. This is such an incredible moment for every parent and a major milestone in your little one’s life. You see your baby standing in the crib often. Very soon your baby will start taking little steps on her own. This is the time to take out your cameras to capture these incredible moments.

Your baby is standing: What you need to know

Between the ages of 9 to 12 months most babies start trying to pull themselves up every time they are able to get a good grip. It is the time when children will love to explore the world around them, if not with little steps then with scooching and crawling. It is important to make sure that the surroundings are safe, crib is at the lowest height, no sharp edges and pointy objects lying around that can hurt the baby. Soon, you will see your baby standing on her tiptoes. Now that your baby is standing, when will she walk is the question that will immediately come to mind. Give your baby sometime, she will eventually get there!

Your Baby Is Standing Up On Her Own! Time To Get Those Cameras Rolling

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