Your Baby Loves Playing Silly Games With You

Your Baby Loves Playing Silly Games With You
Non-verbal cues

Your baby loves love to play and this fact becomes well established from day one! You may be surprised to know that your quiet and barely moving little munchkin has practiced playing since he was a little peach in your womb. Studies show that babies start playing in their mother’s wombs by tugging and grabbing onto the umbilical cord.

The same is reflected in play after they are born as the first forms of play involve grabbing: either toys or hair. A naughty gleam or subtle smile is proof enough that they are paying attention and enjoying the activity.

What you need to know

Play reinforces, reflects and results in development. It is vital for their physical, emotional, cognitive, social growth. Play promotes bonding, warmth, and security. The more you play with your baby the less likely is your little one to cry. Babies also have mood changes and attention limits; play what your little one is able to play, enjoys playing, and is comfortable with.  

Understand your baby’s cues and play accordingly. Reading picture books, singing, laughing, playing with soft toys, cuddling, and kissing are all activities that your baby will love.