Your Baby Loves Seeing You Coo- And it Boosts Her Development Too!

Halfway through her first year, your little angel may have begun turning her head as you look at her and coo. Did you know that your soft, gentle talk is actually beneficial for her? 

What you need to know

Cooing Promotes motor development. Cooing at your baby activates her brain, promotes her motor movements, and prepares her for speech generation. It also aids language learning. Uttering long and clear vowels by making sounds, such as ‘goos’ and ‘gaas’, acquaints your sweetheart with her mother tongue and different vocal sounds.

Your Baby Loves Seeing You Coo- And it Boosts Her Development Too!

Cooing at your newborn from even before she was born helps her identify your voice and strengthen your connection with her. Your little one giggles when you coo at her, and what can be more delightful than watching her smile? It serves as a great bonding exercise filled with smiles and giggles.

It also helps her distinguish between familiar sounds and unfamiliar noises and she familiarises with different people, enjoy being around them, and socialize. This creates the perfect set up for the development of future socio-emotional skills.

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