Your Baby Loves Silly Sounds

Your Baby Loves Silly Sounds

Your little one is extremely expressive and loves it! She enjoys making silly sounds and high pitched shrieks. In fact, she doesn’t start babbling until she reaches a particular developmental stage. This development happens slowly and progresses from sounds to sentences.  

What you can do 

Cooing and sighing is a common sight for your six month old, she loves to coo, especially when she is talked to or amused. It is also common when she is in a good mood.  

Her babbling will form basic words in future. And these words will string together to form sentences that will develop into sophisticated language.

Understand that every baby is unique; they all take their time and so will yours. Don’t lose patience and give up just yet. Talk to her frequently, simplify your language and express not just with words but also facial expressions and body language.

Her hearing must be sufficiently developed by now, help her connect words with their meanings. Avoid using long, complicated words and have fewer expectations of her performance. Pressurizing her into performing something she isn’t ready for will only result in distress.

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