Your Baby Loves You Talking to Him

Your Baby Loves You Talking to Him
Verbal language

Your little one may look disinterested, all quiet and bundled up. But from beneath, his sensory developments are skyrocketing, his vision and hearing is better now and he is able to co-ordinate sounds and actions to turn and locate sounds.

What you need to know

Your baby loves your voice thoroughly. He may not be receptive to all sounds around but he sure loves your voice. He adores how you talk. Converse with him and look into his eyes. With time, his face will bloom with smile and laughter. It could also be the gleam in his eyes, or a resounding coo to reflect his inner affection for you. These are your best memories, cherish them.

Don’t limit the talk to play time alone, talk him through different activities, like when bathing him, changing his diaper, or feeding him. You can also read him a story, sing him a song, or make funny faces.

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