Your Baby Is Hungry More Than Before

Your Baby Is Hungry More Than Before
Eating Habit

It’s been a few weeks since your baby started on solid food and his digestion is steadily improving, hence your baby's hungry. However, his stomach is still quite tiny and can hold only limited food. This might create frequent hunger pangs and demands for snacks between meal times.

Your baby's hungry all the time: What you need to know

The key is to give your baby small amount of food periodically between mealtimes as your baby gets hungry every hour. Small pieces of ripe bananas, dry cereal in a bowl, or some soft boiled potatoes could placate his mini hunger pangs and aid independent eating.  Keep in mind that your baby may get hungry at night as well. 

It’s quite common for people to offer snacks to your little one, if it makes you uncomfortable, be firm.

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