Your Baby Vomits Often Now- Should You Be Concerned?

Your Baby Vomits Often Now- Should You Be Concerned?
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At this stage, your baby vomits after feeding in small quantities frequently and all you need to know is that, this is normal. 

As a new mother, it’s understandable that you’re anxious and watching your baby throw up doesn’t help calm your nerves either. But new mommies, you need to relax as it is absolutely normal for your young one to throw up in the first few months after his birth. This is mostly because his digestive system is still under construction and he is getting used to being breast fed.

Your baby vomits: What you need to know

Your baby could vomit and cry due to a sudden jerk or a reflex of his mouth. Some babies might send subtle signals that nothing is wrong. Look out for these signs. Sometimes, excessive crying can also induce vomiting. You may notice your baby vomits water if access water is given to him. 

If your baby vomits medicine when given to him, check with your consultant doctor for any side effects. Make sure that your little one is well hydrated after throwing up. Often, breast milk is sufficient for hydration. If you continue having doubts and aren’t comfortable going by your trust instincts, consult a doctor.