Your Baby Burps Often Now

Your Baby Burps Often Now
Non-verbal cues

At this stage, your baby's burp is a means of conveying messages to you. You might wonder why burping your baby is stressed upon so much! Babies don’t just look cute while burping; it also relieves them as burping releases the trapped gas from their developing tummies.

If your little one is crying or wriggling, try burping them. This could free some room in their tummy and allow them to feed better. Always burp your baby after a feed, this will ensure that they don’t spit out their meal and release trapped gas. 

Your baby's burping techniques: What you can do

Hold your little one against your chest with their chin on your shoulder and gently rub their back. You will notice your baby burping after breastfeeding. Make sure that you provide adequate neck support. Hold your baby high on your shoulder, such that their tummy touches your shoulder blade, now gently rub their back. You could also make your baby sit on your lap, hold their chin and rub their back gently. 

Ensure your baby is breathing properly while burping and is comfortable. Always support their head and body firmly as babies tend to droop with poor support. This will ensure that your baby burps whenever needed.

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