Your Baby Now Discovers a Lot on her Own

Your Baby Now Discovers a Lot on her Own
Muscle Strength

Your little one is now mobile and ever active! Her movements are fast and as a result of this, she is able to come across new objects lying here and there, a little too often. Congratulations! Your baby is a little explorer who is now able to discover a lot of things on her own. Continue playing with her as you do your chores and change her nappy.

What you can do

Opt for newer games, maybe try pushing things off the bed onto the floor and make dramatic noises as they fall! Congratulations! You just familiarised your little one with Newton’s third law of motion! Get ready to watch everything grace the floor.

Entertain her curiosity but keep gadgets and chinaware out of her reach. The joy of discovery is immeasurable and your little one will want to grasp everything in sight.