Your Baby Now Enjoys Various Colours and Shapes

Your baby has now started to enjoy bold colours and big shapes! Yes, your little darling has opened up his eyes to this world, quite literally.

As a parent, worrying if your baby is able to see and hear properly, is palpable. Not you alone, but every parent goes through this anxiety. But now you can be rest assured about this, if your baby has started giggling and chirping when he sees bold colors and shapes in front of him.

Your Baby Now Enjoys Various Colours and Shapes

What you need to know

Babies develop their vision over a period of time. The growth here is gradual and slow. By three weeks, your little one is able to recognize bright colors. So, if you haven't done his space yet, this is the right time to bring in lot of bright colors to his life. You can use toys and shapes that can be hanged around. This will be a lot of fun with your baby watching his way around!




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