Your Baby Now Extends Her Hands And Legs To You While You Dress Her Up

Your Baby Now Extends Her Hands And Legs To You While You Dress Her Up

At this stage of your baby’s growth phase, she has become more and more mobile. She is learning how to manoeuvre her hands and legs to fetch, drop, hold and show emotion. Now when you dress her up, unlike all previous months, she will assist you in dressing her up. Yes, your angel will now extend her legs and hands to you so you can dress her up. This is a very exciting phase in a parent’s journey to see your child responding to you as you care for her.
What you need to know
This is a sign that your child is increasingly becoming aware of what is happening around her. She is now able to better control her body in response to outside interaction. She is playing more games and communication more with you. Now as she extends her hands and legs while you dress her up, you should practise it more with her by making it a playful activity. Kiss her head when it pops out of the top. Kiss her hands when they come out of the sleeves. Ask her to follow directions you give her while dressing and give a gentle pat of the back of clap when she follows.




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