Your Baby Now Is Likely To Clench Her Fist

Your Baby Now Is Likely To Clench Her Fist
0 to 3m
Fine Motor
During your baby’s first month, her hands will remain tightly clenched. When you try opening her fist you will be amazed by her strong grip.
What you need to know
Through the first few weeks of life, she will keep her arms and legs close to her body and keep her fingers and toes clenched. She will retain the same position as she was in the womb for some weeks. At around 6 weeks she will grasp one hand with the other and try to open it herself.
What you can do
At this age your new-born baby will enjoy all skin-to- skin cuddling. Provide this warmth while nursing her and while singing lullaby, putting her to sleep. When you gently stroke her palm with your finger, she will grab your finger and cling on to it. You will enjoy her mighty grip. Then you can slowly tug her hand a bit and if she holds on, relax and try tugging again.
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