Your Baby Now is Stronger, Taller, Sharper!

Your Baby Now is Stronger, Taller, Sharper!
Muscle Strength

Your little one is growing rapidly, and this phase is marked by numerous changes and developments. You might find yourself shopping for a new set of clothes as your baby has outgrown her former ones and is growing taller and healthier.

What you can do

Keep a tab on your baby’s weight from week to week. Since your little one is still on an exclusive and healthy milk diet, she should most likely not have any health problems.

If you tend to think that your baby’s head is somewhat larger than the rest of her body, don’t fret, in due course of time her body will reach its perfect proportions and her limbs will straighten out too. Continue with the feeding routine that has suited your little one by now. Never be tempted to give them solids, despite any advice that you get.

Your baby’s digestive system is still too immature to process anything other than her mommy’s milk.