Your Baby Has Anticipations Now, Like Sucking When He Sees a Bottle

Your Baby Has Anticipations Now, Like Sucking When He Sees a Bottle

At this stage, your baby's reflexes are fast developing, as a result of which, he has begun to anticipate a lot of things. One of the most common things from the lot is, ''sucking'' whenever he sees a bottle or a nipple. This is because he has established in his head the doings for few of the most commonly used objects in his life. This is a good start and foundation ground that would pave the way for you to focus more on feeding your child from the bottle. Once breastfeeding is well established, you can start bottle feeds for your cutie-pie. However, the transition from breast feed to bottle feed has to be smooth. You may find your baby resisting initially. If he refuses, try giving him when he is alert and receptive but not very hungry. You can give him the bottle feed other times of the day, maybe during night time feed or in the evening. Once he is fine with the bottle, you can give him more often.

What you need to do

To help him have milk from the bottle, try a slow-flow nipple. You can also try different temperatures of the milk. Warm or cold, until you find him comfortable with what temperature. Above all, give your baby the same comfort and affection at the time of bottle feeding which was being given during breastfeeding. Once you have started giving solids to your baby which is around 6 months, start giving him liquids from a cup. Prolonged use of bottle can cause tooth decay or ear infections.


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