Your Baby Now Knows You By Your Face

Your Baby Now Knows You By Your Face
1m to 4m

At this stage, your baby is pretty much in shape both in physically and behaviorally. Your baby is now able to recognize you by your face and knows you are the closest to her.

What you need to do

Bring your face close to your baby's face, and see the reaction. Well, that certainly doesn't mean that your little one is going to please everyone coming her way.

First friends are just parents, and your baby is going to prove that with every single gesture. Don't be surprised if she bursts into a loud cry looking at an unknown face. Your baby is just used to her parents and no one else.

So, enjoy this moment of importance, and see your baby growing up healthy and hearty. This is also the right time for you to take your baby to small strolls. She will get used to new faces and her social circle will widen automatically.

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