Your Baby Now Positively Responds To You And Her Caregiver

You as a parent must be happy that your little angel has started to respond to you and her caretaker. A sense of belonging is felt by your baby towards the people who are spending maximum time with her. Relationship development in infants is very important so that your baby feels protected.

What you need to know

Your Baby Now Positively Responds To You And Her Caregiver

With time, as your little princess gets comfortable in your presence, she will respond through smiles, gurgling and even babbling. This bonding is experienced in full swing mainly during the age group of 6-7 months, however, the roots of it has begun already. Count it as a positive sign and push it further by indulging in playful activities with your baby. Make sounds and see how the baby responds. Try out different voices and wait until she tries to mimic the same. Do guide the caretaker as well so that your baby maintains an equivalent relationship with her during your absence.




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