Your Baby Now Successfully Grabs Toys And Puts In Her Mouth

Your Baby Now Successfully Grabs Toys And Puts In Her Mouth
5m to 8m
Fine Motor
As a new born, your baby has an ability to grasp objects. By the time she turns a year old she will develop the ability to pickup and hold it securely in her mouth and the traces of it has already begun to show at this stage.
What you need to know
As a new born your baby would have curled her fingers around your hand. Between four to seven months you will see your baby picking up objects and putting it in her mouth. As a baby who was finding it to pick up objects, by one year she will be doing it with very little effort. She is also perfecting her pincer grasp which would let her pick up small objects between thumb and finger. Once your baby perfects her grip you will notice that apart from picking up and putting it in mouth she will also start throwing it. Keep all valuables and harmful things away from her reach. Also as she starts putting toys in her mouth make sure they are cleaned and washed thoroughly to keep any infections at bay.
What you can do
To help your baby’s grasping reflex, put toys a little far away from her. Don’t put it too far as to get her frustrated. Give soft and bigger toys like ball, soft blocks and plastic rings. She may not have developed proper eye hand coordination but all the interactive play will help her. Keep your baby’s hands busy with her favorite toys to increase learning.
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