Your Baby Now Understands The Basic Sounds Of His Mother Tongue

Your little one is growing fast! At this stage, you are witnessing different things she has already learnt. Like how she looks at you and smiles when you use some word in your mother tongue.
So when does the journey into understanding our mother tongue start? Quite early, in fact!

What you need to know
Scientists have concluded that babies start absorbing words in the womb itself. Studies have revealed
that infants made to listen to words in their native language sucked their pacifier more compared to
hearing words in a foreign language. Sucking pacifier being an indicator of interest shown by the infant.
Why go far, your little one already recognizes words like ‘duddu’ – Hindi for milk and squeals with joy upon hearing it.

Your Baby Now Understands The Basic Sounds Of His Mother Tongue

Words spoken commonly around a baby in their native language bring familiarity and comfort to the baby just like the familiar faces around her. While in India, it is common for people to be bilingual or
trilingual, it is the mother tongue that is first picked up by a baby owing to a higher frequency of exposure. So, the next time you are playing with your baby, don’t forget to talk to her in your mother tongue, she might respond!




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