Your Baby Responds To Sounds Rather Than Just Voices

Your Baby Responds To Sounds Rather Than Just Voices
Non-verbal cues

Your baby has been hearing sounds since the time she was in your womb. Your heartbeat, sounds of your voice and even that of other family members who were  a part of her world before her birth. After birth, sounds of the outside world become more distinct for your baby. By 2-3 months, your baby is able to respond to different kinds of sounds other than voices.

What you need to know

Your baby will be able to make sounds and also respond to sounds. Your baby will be startled by loud unexpected noises. She will calm down on hearing familiar sounds like your voice or a soothing music she hears often. It may happen that sometimes babies do not get startled by unexpected noise and take time in their stride. However, a medical check-up is necessary if this seems to happen often. A hearing screening test detects any problems in hearing for the baby.